• Glen has incredible insight and I was amazed at the speed in which he could zero in on who I was and the challenges I was facing.  He has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he generously shares with just the right amount of self-reflection to be a perfect coach!  I am now prepared to take the next step in achieving my goals and I can’t thank him enough for enlightening me to my truth!

    Lisa Latorcai
    Lisa LatorcaiAmadeus Consulting
  • Glen is an insightful and powerfully motivating Employment Coach. In my transition out of academia, he helped me to explore several career paths and connected me with many of his contacts. His coaching led me to make the choice to set off on my own and go into business for myself. It was a difficult path to take and Glen was always willing to take the time to help me throughout my journey. From my experience, I can confidently say that Glen has the intuition to quickly assess a person's strengths. He immediately delivers value through his advice and coaching to help anyone build on their strengths. Glen's coaching is enhanced by his fascinating stories that are packed with useful insights and delivered with an ounce of humor! If anyone needs coaching to help find their true calling within the world of work, reach out and connect with Glen today!

    Raj S. Dhiman Ph.D.
    Raj S. Dhiman Ph.D.Not Your Typical Chemist
  • Glen has a unique ability to connect with what is alive in a person and bring that out. He helped me feel grounded in the midst of uncertainty and be open to possibilities. Glen thinks outside the box and encouraged me to do the same. In addition to providing valuable feedback in continuing my career exploration, he helped me to expand my network by reaching out to right people.

    Basak Yanar Ph.D., Researcher
    Basak Yanar Ph.D., Researcher Career Transition Coach
  • I decided to see a career counsellor when my efforts finding employment were not materializing. I was blessed when Glen came to my aid. He is very intuitive and looked deep within me to encourage me in all the right ways. With Glen's validation I felt very empowered and confident embarking on the daunting task of job hunting and I found a job I love! Glen is a very effective counsellor. He is very empathic and wise and anyone whose path he crosses is very lucky.

    Effie Mitskopoulos
    Effie MitskopoulosMSW, Social Worker/Yoga Teacher/Reiki Practioner
  • Glen worked with me in three areas: improving my resume, career direction, and passion building. He helped me realize that finding a job was in my control - not to the discretion of the employer. He helped me choose a career based on my passions and skills, not on the job description. These included powerful discussions and insight about what I wanted from my career, such as a dynamic and challenging work environment. Glen was instrumental in helping me find a career that suited not just who I am now, but also who I want to become.

    Ashley Trang, BSc.,
    Ashley Trang, BSc., Sun Life Financial
  • Following my graduate studies, I benefitted immensely from career coaching with Glen. He listens with exceptional skill, and powerfully reflects to you your unique strengths and capacities. He sensitively provides feedback regarding challenges and areas for growth- essential for learning and forward movement. He shares his extensive knowledge most generously. After each session with Glen, I felt enriched, informed, buoyed up and energized. I highly recommend Glen as a powerful and effective career coach!  

    Nicola Holmes, M.Ed.,
    Nicola Holmes, M.Ed.,Coach and Facilitator
  • Glen is the most revered and creative career coach on the planet. If you are a recent grad who doesn't know where to start, go to Glen. He will guide you step by step on how to picture your future career and actually transform your faith and endeavour into reality. He is the wellspring of wisdom! He was a valued positive psychological mentor during my job search! His careful observation helped me to identify and unleash all my potential. I endorse him especially for his skills in confidence building, career counselling, speech practice and interview tactics - the ones that helped me get hired in my new job!

    YINGE WANG, HBATrust Administrator at CIBC Mellon Global Securities Services Company
  • Glen provided me with valuable career advice while I was completing a master's degree at the University of Toronto. Previous experiences with career advisors and coaches had always left me somewhat disappointed. However, within 5 minutes of our first meeting it is was clear Glen was an exceptionally gifted coach. Glen's years of experience were evident. More importantly though, he'd maintained a passion and love for his work. He provided hands-on exercises which helped refine my goals and direction as a young professional. He always cared about the results these exercises generated, providing continued advice and guidance. I hold Glen in high esteem. He's competent, straightforward and clearly loves coaching.

    Bernard Moulins, M.Eng.,
    Bernard Moulins, M.Eng., (accepted into McGill Law School)
  • Glen is a great person who helps individuals by understanding their true potential and guiding them in the right direction. He is resourceful and excellent at working with you to identify your strengths, options and opportunities and has never denied a request to meet. His passion and ability for encouraging you to use your fullest potential can motivate even the most discouraged. Glen always acknowledges your presence. Great to work with him!

    Vishal Singhal
    Vishal SinghalMBA @IIT Kanpur
  • Glen understands, believes in and champions the individual. I met him at a Resume Clinic but saw right away that his focus was on my true talents more than the document I brought to review. He wanted to know ME so that I could better articulate what I could do for others. His encouragement, vision and wisdom have become very clear and important to me in the last few years. He is someone who makes a real lasting difference, helping others to develop their fullest potential.  

    Magdalena Goledzinowska, Ph.D.,
    Magdalena Goledzinowska, Ph.D., Account Manager at ExperiencePoint. Executive and Experiential Learning.